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Raleigh Scottish Cyclocross Series Round 7
Glengorm Castle, Tobermory, Isle Of Mull PA75 6QE
Central Cyclo-Cross League Round 11
Hillingdon Cycle Circuit, Minet Park, Springfield Road, Hayes UB4 0LP
Cross at the Castle Sunday
Glengorm Castle, Tobermory, Isle Of Mull PA75 6QE
Eastern Cyclo-Cross League Round 14
Chantry Park Pavilion, London Road Entrance, Chantry Park, Ipswich IP2 0SS
Lincolnshire Cyclo-Cross League Round 11
Lobby Fields, Orford Road, Binbrook LN8 6DU
London Cyclo-Cross League Round 10
Frylands Wood Scout Outdoor Centre, Featherbed Lane, Addington, Croydon, Surrey CR0 9AA
National Trophy Series Round 5
Shrewsbury Sports Village, Sundorne Road, Shrewsbury SY1 4RQ

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Find Your Local Cyclo-Cross League

If you’re not a member of a cycling club and want to go racing then a great way to get involved is to find your local league and enter some events. In most cases you can simply turn up on the day, pay your entry fee, and race. There are plenty of leagues to choose from and while cyclo-cross is predominantly an autumn and winter sport, in recent years there has been a steady growth in the number of spring and summer leagues.

League Results

12/04/2016Sun 4-Dec-16Lincolnshire League R10
12/04/2016Sun 4-Dec-16Midlands CX Champs
12/04/2016Sun 4-Dec-16North of England CX Champs
12/04/2016Sun 4-Dec-16Notts & Derby League R8
12/04/2016Sun 4-Dec-16Scottish CX Champs
12/04/2016Sun 4-Dec-16SE & Eastern CX Champs
12/04/2016Sun 4-Dec-16South of England CX Champs
12/04/2016Sun 4-Dec-16Ulster Series R9
12/04/2016Sun 4-Dec-16Welsh CX Champs
12/04/2016Sun 4-Dec-16Wessex League R11
12/04/2016Sun 4-Dec-16Western League R12
11/27/2016Sun 27-Nov-16London League R9
11/27/2016Sun 27-Nov-16National Trophy Series R4
11/27/2016Sun 27-Nov-16North West League R10
11/27/2016Sun 27-Nov-16Ulster Series R8
11/27/2016Sun 27-Nov-16Western League R11
11/26/2016Sat 26-Nov-16Central League R10
11/20/2016Sun 20-Nov-16Lincolnshire League R9
11/20/2016Sun 20-Nov-16London League R8
11/20/2016Sun 20-Nov-16Sussex League R5
11/20/2016Sun 20-Nov-16Ulster Series R7
11/20/2016Sun 20-Nov-16Wessex League R10
11/20/2016Sun 20-Nov-16West Midlands League R10
11/20/2016Sun 20-Nov-16Western League R10
11/20/2016Sun 20-Nov-16Yorkshire Points Series R8
11/19/2016Sat 19-Nov-16Central League R9
11/19/2016Sat 19-Nov-16Eastern League R13
11/19/2016Sat 19-Nov-16North West League R9
11/19/2016Sat 19-Nov-16Notts & Derby League R7
11/13/2016Sun 13-Nov-16Central League R8
11/13/2016Sun 13-Nov-16Eastern League R12
11/13/2016Sun 13-Nov-16Lincolnshire League R8
11/13/2016Sun 13-Nov-16National Trophy Series R3
11/13/2016Sun 13-Nov-16South West League R7
11/13/2016Sun 13-Nov-16Ulster Series R6
11/13/2016Sun 13-Nov-16Wessex League R9
11/13/2016Sun 13-Nov-16West Midlands League R9
11/13/2016Sun 13-Nov-16Western League R9
11/12/2016Sat 12-Nov-16North West League R8
11/06/2016Sun 6-Nov-16Central League R7
11/06/2016Sun 6-Nov-16Lincolnshire League R7
11/06/2016Sun 6-Nov-16London League R7
11/06/2016Sun 6-Nov-16South West League R6
11/06/2016Sun 6-Nov-16Ulster Series R5
11/06/2016Sun 6-Nov-16Wessex League R8
11/06/2016Sun 6-Nov-16West Midlands League R8
11/06/2016Sun 6-Nov-16Western League R8
11/05/2016Sat 5-Nov-16Eastern League R11
11/05/2016Sat 5-Nov-16Notts & Derby League R6
10/30/2016Sun 30-Oct-16Central League R6
10/30/2016Sun 30-Oct-16Eastern League R10
10/30/2016Sun 30-Oct-16Lincolnshire League R6
10/30/2016Sun 30-Oct-16London League R6
10/30/2016Sun 30-Oct-16Sussex League R4
10/30/2016Sun 30-Oct-16Ulster Series R4
10/30/2016Sun 30-Oct-16Wessex League R7
10/30/2016Sun 30-Oct-16West Midlands League R7
10/30/2016Sun 30-Oct-16Yorkshire Points Series R6
10/29/2016Sat 29-Oct-16North West League R7
10/23/2016Sun 23-Oct-16Eastern League R9
10/23/2016Sun 23-Oct-16Lincolnshire League R5
10/23/2016Sun 23-Oct-16London League R5
10/23/2016Sun 23-Oct-16National Trophy Series R2
10/23/2016Sun 23-Oct-16North West League R6
10/23/2016Sun 23-Oct-16Wessex League R6
10/23/2016Sun 23-Oct-16West Midlands League R6
10/23/2016Sun 23-Oct-16Western League R7
10/22/2016Sat 22-Oct-16Central League R5
10/16/2016Sun 16-Oct-16Central League R4
10/16/2016Sun 16-Oct-16Eastern League R8
10/16/2016Sun 16-Oct-16Lincolnshire League R4
10/16/2016Sun 16-Oct-16North West League R5
10/16/2016Sun 16-Oct-16South West League R5
10/16/2016Sun 16-Oct-16Ulster Series R3
10/16/2016Sun 16-Oct-16Wessex League R5
10/16/2016Sun 16-Oct-16Western League R6
10/16/2016Sun 16-Oct-16Yorkshire Points Series R5
10/15/2016Sat 15-Oct-16Notts & Derby League R5
10/09/2016Sun 9-Oct-16Central League R3
10/09/2016Sun 9-Oct-16Eastern League R7
10/09/2016Sun 9-Oct-16Lincolnshire League R3
10/09/2016Sun 9-Oct-16London League R4
10/09/2016Sun 9-Oct-16National Trophy Series R1
10/09/2016Sun 9-Oct-16South West League R4
10/09/2016Sun 9-Oct-16Sussex League R3
10/09/2016Sun 9-Oct-16Wessex League R4
10/09/2016Sun 9-Oct-16Western League R5
10/02/2016Sun 2-Oct-16Eastern League R6
10/02/2016Sun 2-Oct-16Lincolnshire League R2
10/02/2016Sun 2-Oct-16London League R3
10/02/2016Sun 2-Oct-16North West League R4
10/02/2016Sun 2-Oct-16South West League R3
10/02/2016Sun 2-Oct-16Sussex League R2
10/02/2016Sun 2-Oct-16Ulster Series R2
10/02/2016Sun 2-Oct-16Wessex League R3
10/02/2016Sun 2-Oct-16West Midlands League R5
10/02/2016Sun 2-Oct-16Western League R4
10/02/2016Sun 2-Oct-16Yorkshire Points Series R4
10/01/2016Sat 1-Oct-16Central League R2
10/01/2016Sat 1-Oct-16Eastern League R5
10/01/2016Sat 1-Oct-16North West League R3
10/01/2016Sat 1-Oct-16Notts & Derby League R4
09/25/2016Sun 25-Sep-16Central League R1
09/25/2016Sun 25-Sep-16Eastern League R4
09/25/2016Sun 25-Sep-16Lincolnshire League R1
09/25/2016Sun 25-Sep-16Ulster Series R1
09/25/2016Sun 25-Sep-16Wessex League R2
09/25/2016Sun 25-Sep-16West Midlands League R4
09/25/2016Sun 25-Sep-16Western League R3
09/24/2016Sat 24-Sep-16Notts & Derby League R3
09/22/2016Thu 22-Sep-16Supermarine Floodlit Series R4
09/18/2016Sun 18-Sep-16Eastern League R3
09/18/2016Sun 18-Sep-16London League R2
09/18/2016Sun 18-Sep-16North West League R2
09/18/2016Sun 18-Sep-16South West League R2
09/18/2016Sun 18-Sep-16Wessex League R1
09/18/2016Sun 18-Sep-16West Midlands League R3
09/18/2016Sun 18-Sep-16Western League R2
09/18/2016Sun 18-Sep-16Yorkshire Points Series R3
09/17/2016Sat 17-Sep-16Notts & Derby League R2
09/15/2016Thu 15-Sep-16Supermarine Floodlit Series R3
09/11/2016Sun 11-Sep-16Eastern League R2
09/11/2016Sun 11-Sep-16West Midlands League R2
09/11/2016Sun 11-Sep-16Western League R1
09/11/2016Sun 11-Sep-16Yorkshire Points Series R2
09/10/2016Sat 10-Sep-16Eastern League R1
09/10/2016Sat 10-Sep-16North West League R1
09/10/2016Sat 10-Sep-16Notts & Derby League R1
09/08/2016Thu 8-Sep-16Supermarine Floodlit Series R2
09/04/2016Sun 4-Sep-16London League R1
09/04/2016Sun 4-Sep-16South West League R1
09/04/2016Sun 4-Sep-16Sussex League R1
09/04/2016Sun 4-Sep-16West Midlands League R1
09/04/2016Sun 4-Sep-16Yorkshire Points Series R1
09/01/2016Thu 1-Sep-16Supermarine Floodlit Series R1
08/13/2016Sat 13-Aug-16Yorkshire Summer Series R11
08/03/2016Wed 3-Aug-16Yorkshire Summer Series R10
07/20/2016Wed 20-Jul-16Yorkshire Summer Series R9
07/13/2016Wed 13-Jul-16Western Summer League R9
07/10/2016Sun 10-Jul-16Yorkshire Summer Series R8
07/09/2016Sat 9-Jul-16Queen Victoria CycloCross
07/06/2016Wed 6-Jul-16Western Summer League R8
07/06/2016Wed 6-Jul-16Yorkshire Summer Series R7
06/22/2016Wed 22-Jun-16Western Summer League R6
06/22/2016Wed 22-Jun-16Yorkshire Summer Series R6
06/19/2016Sun 19-Jun-16Yorkshire Summer Series R5
06/16/2016Thu 16-Jun-16Banjo Cycles Summer Series R6
06/09/2016Thu 9-Jun-16Banjo Cycles Summer Series R5
06/08/2016Wed 8-Jun-16Yorkshire Summer Series R4
06/05/2016Sun 5-Jun-16Western Summer League R5
06/02/2016Thu 2-Jun-16Banjo Cycles Summer Series R4
06/01/2016Wed 1-Jun-16Western Summer League R4
05/26/2016Thu 26-May-16Banjo Cycles Summer Series R3
05/25/2016Wed 25-May-16Western Summer League R3
05/25/2016Wed 25-May-16Yorkshire Summer Series R3
05/19/2016Thu 19-May-16Banjo Cycles Summer Series R2
05/18/2016Wed 18-May-16Western Summer League R2
05/12/2016Thu 12-May-16Banjo Cycles Summer Series R1
05/11/2016Wed 11-May-16Western Summer League R1
05/11/2016Wed 11-May-16Yorkshire Summer Series R2
04/27/2016Wed 27-Apr-16Yorkshire Summer Series R1
04/10/2016Sun 10-Apr-16SpyVelo CX Cup R3
03/23/2016Wed 23-Mar-16Vive le Velo Nocturne Series 3
03/20/2016Sun 20-Mar-16SpyVelo CX Cup R2
03/16/2016Wed 16-Mar-16Vive le Velo Nocturne Series 2
02/28/2016Sun 28-Feb-16SpyVelo CX Cup R1
02/14/2016Sun 14-Feb-16The Valentine's Day Mas-cx-acre
01/31/2016Sun 31-Jan-16Love Crossed 2016
01/31/2016Sun 31-Jan-16Wessex League R15
01/24/2016Sun 24-Jan-16Wessex League R14
01/24/2016Sun 24-Jan-16West Midlands League R15
01/17/2016Sun 17-Jan-16Wessex League R13
01/17/2016Sun 17-Jan-16Western League R14
01/03/2016Sun 3-Jan-16Wessex League R12
01/03/2016Sun 3-Jan-16West Midlands League R14
12/27/2015Sun 27-Dec-15Western League R13
12/26/2015Sat 26-Dec-15Coventry RC Boxing Day Cross
12/20/2015Sun 20-Dec-15West Midlands League R13
12/20/2015Sun 20-Dec-15Western League R12
12/13/2015Sun 13-Dec-15Wessex League R11
12/13/2015Sun 13-Dec-15West Midlands League R12
12/13/2015Sun 13-Dec-15Western League R11
12/06/2015Sun 6-Dec-15Midland Regional Championships
12/06/2015Sun 6-Dec-15South of England Championships
12/06/2015Sun 6-Dec-15West Midlands League R11
11/29/2015Sun 29-Nov-15Western League R10
11/22/2015Sun 22-Nov-15Western League R9
11/15/2015Sun 15-Nov-15Wessex League R9
11/08/2015Sun 8-Nov-15West Midlands League R9
11/08/2015Sun 8-Nov-15Western League R8
11/01/2015Sun 1-Nov-15Wessex League R7
11/01/2015Sun 1-Nov-15Western League R7
10/25/2015Sun 25-Oct-15Wessex League R6
10/25/2015Sun 25-Oct-15Western League R6
10/24/2015Sat 24-Oct-15West Midlands League R8
10/18/2015Sun 18-Oct-15Welsh League R5
10/18/2015Sun 18-Oct-15West Midlands League R7
10/11/2015Sun 11-Oct-15West Midlands League R6
10/11/2015Sun 11-Oct-15Western League R5
10/08/2015Thu 8-Oct-15Supermarine Floodlit Series R6
10/04/2015Sun 4-Oct-15Wessex League R4
10/04/2015Sun 4-Oct-15West Midlands League R5
10/04/2015Sun 4-Oct-15Western League R4
10/01/2015Thu 1-Oct-15Supermarine Floodlit Series R5
09/27/2015Sun 27-Sep-15Wessex League R3
09/27/2015Sun 27-Sep-15West Midlands League R4
09/27/2015Sun 27-Sep-15Western League R3
09/24/2015Thu 24-Sep-15Supermarine Floodlit Series R4
09/20/2015Sun 20-Sep-15Wessex League R2
09/20/2015Sun 20-Sep-15West Midlands League R3
09/20/2015Sun 20-Sep-15Western League R2
09/13/2015Sun 13-Sep-15CX North East League R2
09/13/2015Sun 13-Sep-15East Kent Cross League R1
09/13/2015Sun 13-Sep-15Eastern League R2
09/13/2015Sun 13-Sep-15Welsh League R1
09/13/2015Sun 13-Sep-15Wessex League R1
09/13/2015Sun 13-Sep-15West Midlands League R2
09/13/2015Sun 13-Sep-15Yorkshire Points Series R2
09/12/2015Sat 12-Sep-15North West League R1
09/12/2015Sat 12-Sep-15Notts & Derby League R1 (Seniors/Women)
09/12/2015Sat 12-Sep-15Notts & Derby League R1 (Vets)
09/12/2015Sat 12-Sep-15Notts & Derby League R1 (Youth)
09/06/2015Sun 6-Sep-15CX North East League R1
09/06/2015Sun 6-Sep-15London League R1 / Sussex League R1
09/06/2015Sun 6-Sep-15West Midlands League R1
09/06/2015Sun 6-Sep-15Western League R1
09/06/2015Sun 6-Sep-15Yorkshire Points Series R1
09/05/2015Sat 5-Sep-15Eastern League R1
09/03/2015Thu 3-Sep-15Supermarine Floodlit Series R1
08/13/2015Thu 13-Aug-15London Summer Series R4
08/13/2015Thu 13-Aug-15West Midlands Summer Series R5
08/06/2015Thu 6-Aug-15London Summer Series R3
07/30/2015Thu 30-Jul-15London Summer Series R2
07/30/2015Thu 30-Jul-15West Midlands Summer Series R4
07/23/2015Thu 23-Jul-15London Summer Series R1
07/15/2015Wed 15-Jul-15West Midlands Summer Series R3
07/15/2015Wed 15-Jul-15Western Summer League R10
07/02/2015Thu 2-Jul-15West Midlands Summer Series R2
06/24/2015Wed 24-Jun-15West Midlands Summer Series R1
06/24/2015Wed 24-Jun-15Western Summer League R7
06/17/2015Wed 17-Jun-15Western Summer League R6
06/07/2015Sun 7-Jun-15Western Summer League R5
06/03/2015Wed 3-Jun-15Western Summer League R4
05/27/2015Wed 27-May-15Western Summer League R3
05/20/2015Wed 20-May-15Western Summer League R2
05/13/2015Wed 13-May-15Western Summer League R1

Cyclo-Cross Series

2016 National Trophy Series

Where? Nationwide
When? October-December
Britain’s premier cyclo-cross series returns in 2016 with a 5 round series. The series runs from October to December at venues around the country attracting top riders from Britain and further afield. Beginning on 9th October in Derby it then goes on to visit Abergavenny, Sunderland, and Ipswich before concluding in Shrewsbury on 11th December.

Cyclo-Cross Event

NovaCross 2017

Where? Conyngham Hall, Knaresborough
When? New Year's Day
Whilst NovaCross is very much about racing, with a full schedule of races for all ages and abilities, it's also a day that the whole family can enjoy, irrespective of whether you're riding or not. Planning is now well underway and the organisers are thrilled to announce that their two headline elite senior races will be UCI C2 status.

Cyclo-Cross Series

2017 Super Quaich Series

Where? Scotland
When? January-February
The series consists of 4 races: Rouken Glen Cyclocross, Doonbank Trofee, Foxlake and Dig In At The Dock. Each race has an A and a B race. Numbers in the A race are limited to 100 riders while numbers in the B race are decided by the race organiser. Entries fill up very fast so check our Twitter feed to see when they open. You have been warned!

Cyclo-Cross Sportive

Kielder Cross Challenge

Where? Hexham, Northumberland
When? Weekend 18th-19th February
The Kielder Cross Challenge is an off-road cycle cross challenge based in the remote but beautiful expanse of Kielder Forest Park. Held over two days, this unique sportive style event consists of a 40km Night Ride around the Lakeside Way on the Saturday evening followed by a 60km Endurance Challenge on the Sunday.