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Central Cyclo-Cross League Round 10
Milton Keynes Bowl, Watling Street, Milton Keynes MK5 8AA
Eastern Cyclo-Cross League Round 11
Redgrave Activities Centre, Redgrave, Suffolk IP22 1RL
Kinesis London Cross League Round 10
Penshurst Off Road Club (PORC), Viceroy's Wood, Grove Road, Penshurst, Kent TN11 8DU
NECCL Super Saturday Series Round 6
Hardwick Park, Sedgefield, Stockton-on-Tees, Cleveland TS21 2DN
Kinesis UK Badlands Gravelcross
Henley Leisure Centre, Gillots Lane, Henley-on-Thames RG9 1PA

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The cyclo-cross season is back and we currently have around 100 events listed but if you know of one that we've missed tell us about it by filling in the form on our event submission page and we'll do the rest. And if you spot any mistakes be sure to let us know. You can email us via the contact form at the bottom of this page.


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If a league event is published on the British Cycling website then we've got a link to it. To see the full list of 2017-18 British Cycling links go to our cyclo-cross leagues page.

League Results Links

11/19/2017Sun 19-Nov-17Eastern League R10
11/12/2017Sun 12-Nov-17Wessex League R8
11/12/2017Sun 12-Nov-17National Trophy Series R3 Senior / U23 Men
11/12/2017Sun 12-Nov-17National Trophy Series R3 Senior & Junior Women
11/12/2017Sun 12-Nov-17National Trophy Series R3 Under 14 Boys
11/12/2017Sun 12-Nov-17National Trophy Series R3 Under 16 Boys
11/12/2017Sun 12-Nov-17National Trophy Series R3 Under 14 Girls
11/12/2017Sun 12-Nov-17National Trophy Series R3 Under 16 Girls
11/12/2017Sun 12-Nov-17National Trophy Series R3 Junior Men
11/12/2017Sun 12-Nov-17London League R8
11/12/2017Sun 12-Nov-17Lincolnshire League R8
11/12/2017Sun 12-Nov-17Eastern League R9
11/11/2017Sat 11-Nov-17North West League R7
11/11/2017Sat 11-Nov-17National Trophy Series R3 Veteran Men 50+
11/11/2017Sat 11-Nov-17National Trophy Series R3 Veteran Men 40-49
11/11/2017Sat 11-Nov-17National Trophy Series R3 Veteran Women
11/05/2017Sun 5-Nov-17Yorkshire Points Series R7
11/05/2017Sun 5-Nov-17Western League R10
11/05/2017Sun 5-Nov-17Wessex League R7
11/05/2017Sun 5-Nov-17Quarry Cross
11/05/2017Sun 5-Nov-17Lincolnshire League R7
11/04/2017Sat 4-Nov-17Eastern League R8
10/29/2017Sun 29-Oct-17Western League R9
10/29/2017Sun 29-Oct-17Wessex League R6
10/29/2017Sun 29-Oct-17Sussex League R4
10/29/2017Sun 29-Oct-17North West League R6
10/29/2017Sun 29-Oct-17National Trophy Series R2 Senior / U23 Men
10/29/2017Sun 29-Oct-17National Trophy Series R2 Senior & Junior Women
10/29/2017Sun 29-Oct-17National Trophy Series R2 Veteran Women
10/29/2017Sun 29-Oct-17National Trophy Series R2 Junior Men
10/29/2017Sun 29-Oct-17National Trophy Series R2 Veteran Men 50+
10/29/2017Sun 29-Oct-17National Trophy Series R2 Veteran Men 40-49
10/29/2017Sun 29-Oct-17London League R7
10/29/2017Sun 29-Oct-17Lincolnshire League R6
10/29/2017Sun 29-Oct-17Leicestershire League R3
10/29/2017Sun 29-Oct-17Eastern League R7
10/28/2017Sat 28-Oct-17National Trophy Series R2 Under 14 Boys
10/28/2017Sat 28-Oct-17National Trophy Series R2 Under 16 Boys
10/28/2017Sat 28-Oct-17National Trophy Series R2 Under 14 Girls
10/28/2017Sat 28-Oct-17National Trophy Series R2 Under 16 Girls
10/22/2017Sun 22-Oct-17Yorkshire Points Series R6
10/22/2017Sun 22-Oct-17Western League R8
10/22/2017Sun 22-Oct-17West Midlands League R7
10/22/2017Sun 22-Oct-17Sussex League R3
10/22/2017Sun 22-Oct-17North West League R5
10/22/2017Sun 22-Oct-17London League R6
10/22/2017Sun 22-Oct-17Lincolnshire League R5
10/22/2017Sun 22-Oct-17Eastern League R6
10/15/2017Sun 15-Oct-17Yorkshire Points Series R5
10/15/2017Sun 15-Oct-17Western League R7
10/15/2017Sun 15-Oct-17West Midlands League R6
10/15/2017Sun 15-Oct-17Wessex League R5
10/15/2017Sun 15-Oct-17North West League R4
10/15/2017Sun 15-Oct-17London League R5
10/15/2017Sun 15-Oct-17Lincolnshire League R4
10/08/2017Sun 8-Oct-17Western League R6
10/08/2017Sun 8-Oct-17Wessex League R4
10/08/2017Sun 8-Oct-17National Trophy Series R1 Senior / U23 Men
10/08/2017Sun 8-Oct-17National Trophy Series R1 Veteran Women
10/08/2017Sun 8-Oct-17National Trophy Series R1 Senior & Junior Women
10/08/2017Sun 8-Oct-17National Trophy Series R1 Under 14 Boys
10/08/2017Sun 8-Oct-17National Trophy Series R1 Under 16 Boys
10/08/2017Sun 8-Oct-17National Trophy Series R1 Under 14 Girls
10/08/2017Sun 8-Oct-17National Trophy Series R1 Under 16 Girls
10/08/2017Sun 8-Oct-17National Trophy Series R1 Junior Men
10/08/2017Sun 8-Oct-17Lincolnshire League R3
10/08/2017Sun 8-Oct-17Eastern League R5
10/07/2017Sat 7-Oct-17North West League R3
10/07/2017Sat 7-Oct-17National Trophy Series R1 Veteran Men 40-49
10/07/2017Sat 7-Oct-17National Trophy Series R1 Veteran Men 50+
10/01/2017Sun 1-Oct-17Yorkshire Points Series R4
10/01/2017Sun 1-Oct-17Western League R5
10/01/2017Sun 1-Oct-17West Midlands League R5
10/01/2017Sun 1-Oct-17Wessex League R3
10/01/2017Sun 1-Oct-17Sussex League R2
10/01/2017Sun 1-Oct-17London League R4
10/01/2017Sun 1-Oct-17Lincolnshire League R2
10/01/2017Sun 1-Oct-17Leicestershire League R2
10/01/2017Sun 1-Oct-17Eastern League R4
09/30/2017Sat 30-Sep-17North West League R2
09/24/2017Sun 24-Sep-17Western League R4
09/24/2017Sun 24-Sep-17West Midlands League R4
09/24/2017Sun 24-Sep-17Wessex League R2
09/24/2017Sun 24-Sep-17Lincolnshire League R1
09/24/2017Sun 24-Sep-17Eastern League R3
09/17/2017Sun 17-Sep-17Yorkshire Points Series R3
09/17/2017Sun 17-Sep-17Western League R3
09/17/2017Sun 17-Sep-17West Midlands League R3
09/17/2017Sun 17-Sep-17Wessex League R1
09/17/2017Sun 17-Sep-17London League R2
09/17/2017Sun 17-Sep-17Leicestershire League R1
09/16/2017Sat 16-Sep-17Eastern League R2
09/10/2017Sun 10-Sep-17Yorkshire Points Series R2
09/10/2017Sun 10-Sep-17Western League R2
09/10/2017Sun 10-Sep-17West Midlands League R2
09/10/2017Sun 10-Sep-17Eastern League R1
09/09/2017Sat 9-Sep-17North West League R1
09/03/2017Sun 3-Sep-17Yorkshire Points Series R1
09/03/2017Sun 3-Sep-17Western League R1
09/03/2017Sun 3-Sep-17West Midlands League R1
09/03/2017Sun 3-Sep-17Sussex League R1
09/03/2017Sun 3-Sep-17London League R1
08/12/2017Sat 12-Aug-17Scarborough Cycling Festival CX
08/02/2017Wed 2-Aug-17Yorkshire Summer Series R8
07/19/2017Wed 19-Jul-17Yorkshire Summer Series R7
07/16/2017Sun 16-Jul-17Western Summer League R11
07/16/2017Sun 16-Jul-17Harrogate Summer Cross
07/12/2017Wed 12-Jul-17Western Summer League R10
07/09/2017Sun 9-Jul-17Otley Summer Cross
07/05/2017Wed 5-Jul-17Yorkshire Summer Series R6
07/05/2017Wed 5-Jul-17Western Summer League R9
06/28/2017Wed 28-Jun-17Western Summer League R8
06/25/2017Sun 25-Jun-17York Cycling Festival CX
06/21/2017Wed 21-Jun-17Yorkshire Summer Series R5
06/21/2017Wed 21-Jun-17Western Summer League R7
06/14/2017Wed 14-Jun-17Western Summer League R6
06/07/2017Wed 7-Jun-17Yorkshire Summer Series R4
06/04/2017Sun 4-Jun-17Western Summer League R5
05/31/2017Wed 31-May-17Western Summer League R4
05/24/2017Wed 24-May-17Yorkshire Summer Series R3
05/17/2017Wed 17-May-17Western Summer League R2
05/10/2017Wed 10-May-17Yorkshire Summer Series R2
05/10/2017Wed 10-May-17Western Summer League R1
04/26/2017Wed 26-Apr-17Yorkshire Summer Series R1
04/09/2017Sun 9-Apr-17SpyVelo CX Cup R3
03/18/2017Sat 18-Mar-17SpyVelo CX Cup R2
03/12/2017Sun 12-Mar-17SpyVelo CX Cup R1
02/19/2017Sun 19-Feb-17SQ4 Dig In At The Dock
02/05/2017Sun 5-Feb-17SQ3 Thistly Cross at Foxlake
01/29/2017Sun 29-Jan-17Western League R17
01/29/2017Sun 29-Jan-17West Midlands League R14
01/29/2017Sun 29-Jan-17London League R13
01/28/2017Sat 28-Jan-17Central League R15
01/22/2017Sun 22-Jan-17Yorkshire Points Series R9
01/22/2017Sun 22-Jan-17Western League R16
01/22/2017Sun 22-Jan-17West Midlands League R13
01/22/2017Sun 22-Jan-17Wessex League R14
01/22/2017Sun 22-Jan-17SQ2 Doonbank Trofee
01/22/2017Sun 22-Jan-17London League R12
01/22/2017Sun 22-Jan-17Lincolnshire League R13
01/22/2017Sun 22-Jan-17Eastern League R17
01/21/2017Sat 21-Jan-17Notts & Derby League R11
01/21/2017Sat 21-Jan-17Central League R14
01/15/2017Sun 15-Jan-17West Midlands League R12a
01/15/2017Sun 15-Jan-17Wessex League R13
01/15/2017Sun 15-Jan-17SQ1 Rouken Glen Cyclocross
01/15/2017Sun 15-Jan-17London League R11
01/15/2017Sun 15-Jan-17Central League R13
01/14/2017Sat 14-Jan-17Notts & Derby League R10
01/08/2017Sun 8-Jan-17UK National CX Champs Day 2
01/08/2017Sun 8-Jan-17Irish National CX Champs
01/07/2017Sat 7-Jan-17UK National CX Champs Day 1
01/02/2017Mon 2-Jan-17West Midlands League R12
01/02/2017Mon 2-Jan-17Eastern League R16
12/27/2016Tue 27-Dec-16Western League R15
12/27/2016Tue 27-Dec-16Notts & Derby League R9
12/27/2016Tue 27-Dec-16North West League R11
12/26/2016Mon 26-Dec-16CRC Boxing Day CX
12/18/2016Sun 18-Dec-16Western League R14
12/18/2016Sun 18-Dec-16West Midlands League R11
12/18/2016Sun 18-Dec-16Ulster CX Champs
12/18/2016Sun 18-Dec-16South West League R10
12/18/2016Sun 18-Dec-16South West CX Champs
12/18/2016Sun 18-Dec-16Lincolnshire League R12
12/18/2016Sun 18-Dec-16Eastern League R15
12/18/2016Sun 18-Dec-16Central League R12
12/11/2016Sun 11-Dec-16Western League R13
12/11/2016Sun 11-Dec-16Wessex League R12
12/11/2016Sun 11-Dec-16Ulster Series R10
12/11/2016Sun 11-Dec-16South West League R9
12/11/2016Sun 11-Dec-16National Trophy Series R5
12/11/2016Sun 11-Dec-16London League R10
12/11/2016Sun 11-Dec-16Lincolnshire League R11
12/11/2016Sun 11-Dec-16Eastern League R14
12/11/2016Sun 11-Dec-16Central League R11
12/10/2016Sat 10-Dec-16SCX R7 Cross at the Castle
12/04/2016Sun 4-Dec-16Western League R12
12/04/2016Sun 4-Dec-16Wessex League R11
12/04/2016Sun 4-Dec-16Welsh CX Champs
12/04/2016Sun 4-Dec-16Ulster Series R9
12/04/2016Sun 4-Dec-16South of England CX Champs
12/04/2016Sun 4-Dec-16SE & Eastern CX Champs
12/04/2016Sun 4-Dec-16SCX R6 Lochore
12/04/2016Sun 4-Dec-16Scottish CX Champs
12/04/2016Sun 4-Dec-16Notts & Derby League R8
12/04/2016Sun 4-Dec-16North of England CX Champs
12/04/2016Sun 4-Dec-16Midlands CX Champs
12/04/2016Sun 4-Dec-16Lincolnshire League R10
11/27/2016Sun 27-Nov-16Western League R11
11/27/2016Sun 27-Nov-16Ulster Series R8
11/27/2016Sun 27-Nov-16North West League R10
11/27/2016Sun 27-Nov-16National Trophy Series R4
11/27/2016Sun 27-Nov-16London League R9
11/26/2016Sat 26-Nov-16Central League R10
11/20/2016Sun 20-Nov-16Yorkshire Points Series R8
11/20/2016Sun 20-Nov-16Western League R10
11/20/2016Sun 20-Nov-16West Midlands League R10
11/20/2016Sun 20-Nov-16Wessex League R10
11/20/2016Sun 20-Nov-16Ulster Series R7
11/20/2016Sun 20-Nov-16Sussex League R5
11/20/2016Sun 20-Nov-16South West League R8
11/20/2016Sun 20-Nov-16SCX R5 Irvine Beach
11/20/2016Sun 20-Nov-16London League R8
11/20/2016Sun 20-Nov-16Lincolnshire League R9
11/19/2016Sat 19-Nov-16Notts & Derby League R7
11/19/2016Sat 19-Nov-16North West League R9
11/19/2016Sat 19-Nov-16Eastern League R13
11/19/2016Sat 19-Nov-16Central League R9
11/13/2016Sun 13-Nov-16Western League R9
11/13/2016Sun 13-Nov-16West Midlands League R9
11/13/2016Sun 13-Nov-16Wessex League R9
11/13/2016Sun 13-Nov-16Ulster Series R6
11/13/2016Sun 13-Nov-16South West League R7
11/13/2016Sun 13-Nov-16SCX R4 Fife College
11/13/2016Sun 13-Nov-16National Trophy Series R3
11/13/2016Sun 13-Nov-16Lincolnshire League R8
11/13/2016Sun 13-Nov-16Eastern League R12
11/13/2016Sun 13-Nov-16Central League R8
11/12/2016Sat 12-Nov-16North West League R8
11/06/2016Sun 6-Nov-16Western League R8
11/06/2016Sun 6-Nov-16West Midlands League R8
11/06/2016Sun 6-Nov-16Wessex League R8
11/06/2016Sun 6-Nov-16Ulster Series R5
11/06/2016Sun 6-Nov-16South West League R6
11/06/2016Sun 6-Nov-16SCX R3 Strathclyde Park
11/06/2016Sun 6-Nov-16London League R7
11/06/2016Sun 6-Nov-16Lincolnshire League R7
11/06/2016Sun 6-Nov-16Central League R7
11/05/2016Sat 5-Nov-16Notts & Derby League R6
11/05/2016Sat 5-Nov-16Eastern League R11
10/30/2016Sun 30-Oct-16Yorkshire Points Series R6
10/30/2016Sun 30-Oct-16West Midlands League R7
10/30/2016Sun 30-Oct-16Wessex League R7
10/30/2016Sun 30-Oct-16Ulster Series R4
10/30/2016Sun 30-Oct-16Sussex League R4
10/30/2016Sun 30-Oct-16London League R6
10/30/2016Sun 30-Oct-16Lincolnshire League R6
10/30/2016Sun 30-Oct-16Eastern League R10
10/30/2016Sun 30-Oct-16Central League R6
10/29/2016Sat 29-Oct-16North West League R7
10/23/2016Sun 23-Oct-16Western League R7
10/23/2016Sun 23-Oct-16West Midlands League R6
10/23/2016Sun 23-Oct-16Wessex League R6
10/23/2016Sun 23-Oct-16SCX R2 Knockburn Loch
10/23/2016Sun 23-Oct-16North West League R6
10/23/2016Sun 23-Oct-16National Trophy Series R2
10/23/2016Sun 23-Oct-16London League R5
10/23/2016Sun 23-Oct-16Lincolnshire League R5
10/23/2016Sun 23-Oct-16Eastern League R9
10/22/2016Sat 22-Oct-16Central League R5
10/16/2016Sun 16-Oct-16Yorkshire Points Series R5
10/16/2016Sun 16-Oct-16Western League R6
10/16/2016Sun 16-Oct-16Wessex League R5
10/16/2016Sun 16-Oct-16Ulster Series R3
10/16/2016Sun 16-Oct-16South West League R5
10/16/2016Sun 16-Oct-16North West League R5
10/16/2016Sun 16-Oct-16Lincolnshire League R4
10/16/2016Sun 16-Oct-16Eastern League R8
10/16/2016Sun 16-Oct-16Central League R4
10/15/2016Sat 15-Oct-16Notts & Derby League R5
10/09/2016Sun 9-Oct-16Western League R5
10/09/2016Sun 9-Oct-16Wessex League R4
10/09/2016Sun 9-Oct-16Sussex League R3
10/09/2016Sun 9-Oct-16South West League R4
10/09/2016Sun 9-Oct-16SCX R1 Callendar Park
10/09/2016Sun 9-Oct-16National Trophy Series R1
10/09/2016Sun 9-Oct-16London League R4
10/09/2016Sun 9-Oct-16Lincolnshire League R3
10/09/2016Sun 9-Oct-16Eastern League R7
10/09/2016Sun 9-Oct-16Central League R3
10/02/2016Sun 2-Oct-16Yorkshire Points Series R4
10/02/2016Sun 2-Oct-16Western League R4
10/02/2016Sun 2-Oct-16West Midlands League R5
10/02/2016Sun 2-Oct-16Wessex League R3
10/02/2016Sun 2-Oct-16Ulster Series R2
10/02/2016Sun 2-Oct-16Sussex League R2
10/02/2016Sun 2-Oct-16South West League R3
10/02/2016Sun 2-Oct-16North West League R4
10/02/2016Sun 2-Oct-16London League R3
10/02/2016Sun 2-Oct-16Lincolnshire League R2
10/02/2016Sun 2-Oct-16Eastern League R6
10/01/2016Sat 1-Oct-16Notts & Derby League R4
10/01/2016Sat 1-Oct-16North West League R3
10/01/2016Sat 1-Oct-16Eastern League R5
10/01/2016Sat 1-Oct-16Central League R2
09/25/2016Sun 25-Sep-16Western League R3
09/25/2016Sun 25-Sep-16West Midlands League R4
09/25/2016Sun 25-Sep-16Wessex League R2
09/25/2016Sun 25-Sep-16Ulster Series R1
09/25/2016Sun 25-Sep-16Lincolnshire League R1
09/25/2016Sun 25-Sep-16Eastern League R4
09/25/2016Sun 25-Sep-16Central League R1
09/24/2016Sat 24-Sep-16Notts & Derby League R3
09/22/2016Thu 22-Sep-16Supermarine Floodlit Series R4
09/18/2016Sun 18-Sep-16Yorkshire Points Series R3
09/18/2016Sun 18-Sep-16Western League R2
09/18/2016Sun 18-Sep-16West Midlands League R3
09/18/2016Sun 18-Sep-16Wessex League R1
09/18/2016Sun 18-Sep-16South West League R2
09/18/2016Sun 18-Sep-16North West League R2
09/18/2016Sun 18-Sep-16London League R2
09/18/2016Sun 18-Sep-16Eastern League R3
09/17/2016Sat 17-Sep-16Notts & Derby League R2
09/15/2016Thu 15-Sep-16Supermarine Floodlit Series R3
09/11/2016Sun 11-Sep-16Yorkshire Points Series R2
09/11/2016Sun 11-Sep-16Western League R1
09/11/2016Sun 11-Sep-16West Midlands League R2
09/11/2016Sun 11-Sep-16Eastern League R2
09/10/2016Sat 10-Sep-16Notts & Derby League R1
09/10/2016Sat 10-Sep-16North West League R1
09/10/2016Sat 10-Sep-16Eastern League R1
09/08/2016Thu 8-Sep-16Supermarine Floodlit Series R2
09/04/2016Sun 4-Sep-16Yorkshire Points Series R1
09/04/2016Sun 4-Sep-16West Midlands League R1
09/04/2016Sun 4-Sep-16Sussex League R1
09/04/2016Sun 4-Sep-16South West League R1
09/04/2016Sun 4-Sep-16London League R1
09/01/2016Thu 1-Sep-16Supermarine Floodlit Series R1
08/13/2016Sat 13-Aug-16Yorkshire Summer Series R11
08/03/2016Wed 3-Aug-16Yorkshire Summer Series R10
07/20/2016Wed 20-Jul-16Yorkshire Summer Series R9
07/13/2016Wed 13-Jul-16Western Summer League R9
07/10/2016Sun 10-Jul-16Yorkshire Summer Series R8
07/09/2016Sat 9-Jul-16Queen Victoria CycloCross
07/06/2016Wed 6-Jul-16Western Summer League R8
07/06/2016Wed 6-Jul-16Yorkshire Summer Series R7
06/22/2016Wed 22-Jun-16Western Summer League R6
06/22/2016Wed 22-Jun-16Yorkshire Summer Series R6
06/19/2016Sun 19-Jun-16Yorkshire Summer Series R5
06/16/2016Thu 16-Jun-16Banjo Cycles Summer Series R6
06/09/2016Thu 9-Jun-16Banjo Cycles Summer Series R5
06/08/2016Wed 8-Jun-16Yorkshire Summer Series R4
06/05/2016Sun 5-Jun-16Western Summer League R5
06/02/2016Thu 2-Jun-16Banjo Cycles Summer Series R4
06/01/2016Wed 1-Jun-16Western Summer League R4
05/26/2016Thu 26-May-16Banjo Cycles Summer Series R3
05/25/2016Wed 25-May-16Western Summer League R3
05/25/2016Wed 25-May-16Yorkshire Summer Series R3
05/19/2016Thu 19-May-16Banjo Cycles Summer Series R2
05/18/2016Wed 18-May-16Western Summer League R2
05/12/2016Thu 12-May-16Banjo Cycles Summer Series R1
05/11/2016Wed 11-May-16Western Summer League R1
05/11/2016Wed 11-May-16Yorkshire Summer Series R2
04/27/2016Wed 27-Apr-16Yorkshire Summer Series R1
04/10/2016Sun 10-Apr-16SpyVelo CX Cup R3
03/23/2016Wed 23-Mar-16Vive le Velo Nocturne Series 3
03/20/2016Sun 20-Mar-16SpyVelo CX Cup R2
03/16/2016Wed 16-Mar-16Vive le Velo Nocturne Series 2
02/28/2016Sun 28-Feb-16SpyVelo CX Cup R1
02/14/2016Sun 14-Feb-16The Valentine's Day Mas-cx-acre
01/31/2016Sun 31-Jan-16Wessex League R15
01/31/2016Sun 31-Jan-16Love Crossed 2016
01/24/2016Sun 24-Jan-16West Midlands League R15
01/24/2016Sun 24-Jan-16Wessex League R14
01/17/2016Sun 17-Jan-16Western League R14
01/17/2016Sun 17-Jan-16Wessex League R13
01/03/2016Sun 3-Jan-16West Midlands League R14
01/03/2016Sun 3-Jan-16Wessex League R12
12/27/2015Sun 27-Dec-15Western League R13
12/26/2015Sat 26-Dec-15Coventry RC Boxing Day Cross
12/20/2015Sun 20-Dec-15Western League R12
12/20/2015Sun 20-Dec-15West Midlands League R13
12/13/2015Sun 13-Dec-15Western League R11
12/13/2015Sun 13-Dec-15West Midlands League R12
12/13/2015Sun 13-Dec-15Wessex League R11
12/06/2015Sun 6-Dec-15West Midlands League R11
12/06/2015Sun 6-Dec-15South of England Championships
12/06/2015Sun 6-Dec-15Midland Regional Championships
11/29/2015Sun 29-Nov-15Western League R10
11/22/2015Sun 22-Nov-15Western League R9
11/15/2015Sun 15-Nov-15Wessex League R9
11/08/2015Sun 8-Nov-15Western League R8
11/08/2015Sun 8-Nov-15West Midlands League R9
11/01/2015Sun 1-Nov-15Western League R7
11/01/2015Sun 1-Nov-15Wessex League R7
10/25/2015Sun 25-Oct-15Western League R6
10/25/2015Sun 25-Oct-15Wessex League R6
10/24/2015Sat 24-Oct-15West Midlands League R8
10/18/2015Sun 18-Oct-15West Midlands League R7
10/18/2015Sun 18-Oct-15Welsh League R5
10/11/2015Sun 11-Oct-15Western League R5
10/11/2015Sun 11-Oct-15West Midlands League R6
10/08/2015Thu 8-Oct-15Supermarine Floodlit Series R6
10/04/2015Sun 4-Oct-15Western League R4
10/04/2015Sun 4-Oct-15West Midlands League R5
10/04/2015Sun 4-Oct-15Wessex League R4
10/01/2015Thu 1-Oct-15Supermarine Floodlit Series R5
09/27/2015Sun 27-Sep-15Western League R3
09/27/2015Sun 27-Sep-15West Midlands League R4
09/27/2015Sun 27-Sep-15Wessex League R3
09/24/2015Thu 24-Sep-15Supermarine Floodlit Series R4
09/20/2015Sun 20-Sep-15Western League R2
09/20/2015Sun 20-Sep-15West Midlands League R3
09/20/2015Sun 20-Sep-15Wessex League R2
09/13/2015Sun 13-Sep-15Yorkshire Points Series R2
09/13/2015Sun 13-Sep-15West Midlands League R2
09/13/2015Sun 13-Sep-15Wessex League R1
09/13/2015Sun 13-Sep-15Welsh League R1
09/13/2015Sun 13-Sep-15Eastern League R2
09/13/2015Sun 13-Sep-15East Kent Cross League R1
09/13/2015Sun 13-Sep-15CX North East League R2
09/12/2015Sat 12-Sep-15Notts & Derby League R1 (Youth)
09/12/2015Sat 12-Sep-15Notts & Derby League R1 (Vets)
09/12/2015Sat 12-Sep-15Notts & Derby League R1 (Seniors/Women)
09/12/2015Sat 12-Sep-15North West League R1
09/06/2015Sun 6-Sep-15Yorkshire Points Series R1
09/06/2015Sun 6-Sep-15Western League R1
09/06/2015Sun 6-Sep-15West Midlands League R1
09/06/2015Sun 6-Sep-15London League R1 / Sussex League R1
09/06/2015Sun 6-Sep-15CX North East League R1
09/05/2015Sat 5-Sep-15Eastern League R1
09/03/2015Thu 3-Sep-15Supermarine Floodlit Series R1
08/13/2015Thu 13-Aug-15West Midlands Summer Series R5
08/13/2015Thu 13-Aug-15London Summer Series R4
08/06/2015Thu 6-Aug-15London Summer Series R3
07/30/2015Thu 30-Jul-15West Midlands Summer Series R4
07/30/2015Thu 30-Jul-15London Summer Series R2
07/23/2015Thu 23-Jul-15London Summer Series R1
07/15/2015Wed 15-Jul-15Western Summer League R10
07/15/2015Wed 15-Jul-15West Midlands Summer Series R3
07/02/2015Thu 2-Jul-15West Midlands Summer Series R2
06/24/2015Wed 24-Jun-15Western Summer League R7
06/24/2015Wed 24-Jun-15West Midlands Summer Series R1
06/17/2015Wed 17-Jun-15Western Summer League R6
06/07/2015Sun 7-Jun-15Western Summer League R5
06/03/2015Wed 3-Jun-15Western Summer League R4
05/27/2015Wed 27-May-15Western Summer League R3
05/20/2015Wed 20-May-15Western Summer League R2
05/13/2015Wed 13-May-15Western Summer League R1

National Cyclo-Cross Champions

Here's a comprehensive list of national cyclo-cross champions and podiums going all the way back to Alan Jackson's first win at Welwyn Garden City in 1955.
Photo: Ian Field, the current senior men's national cyclo-cross champion and a five-time winner
YearVenueCategory 1st2nd3rd
2017BradfordSenior MenIan FieldLiam KilleenPaul Oldham
2017BradfordU23 MenBilly HardingChristopher RothwellFrazer Clacherty
2017BradfordJunior MenThomas PidcockBen TurnerDaniel Tulett
2017BradfordSenior WomenNikki BrammeierHannah PaytonBethany Crumpton
2017BradfordU23 WomenEvie RichardsAmira MellorFfion James
2017BradfordJunior WomenEmily WadsworthSophie ThackrayElspeth Grace
2017BradfordYouth U16 BoysBen TulettCharlie CraigLewis Askey
2017BradfordYouth U14 BoysAdam BentFinlay PickeringJoe Kiely
2017BradfordYouth U16 GirlsHarriet HarndenEluned KingMaddie Wadsworth
2017BradfordYouth U14 GirlsEva YoungMillie CouzensAnna Wadsworth
2017BradfordVet 40+ MenNick CraigRob JebbDarren Atkins
2017BradfordVet 50+ MenChris YoungPete MiddletonSteven Davies
2017BradfordVet 40+ WomenMaddi SmithHelen PattinsonIsla Rowntree
2016ShrewsburySenior MenLiam KilleenIan FieldJack Clarkson
2016ShrewsburyU23 MenIan PatonBen WadeyNicholas Barnes
2016ShrewsburyJunior MenMark DonovanHarry YatesWilliam Gascoyne
2016ShrewsburySenior WomenNikki HarrisHelen WymanDelia Beddis
2016ShrewsburyU23 WomenEvie RichardsBethany CrumptonFfion James
2016ShrewsburyJunior WomenSophie WrightSophie ThackrayEmily Wadsworth
2016ShrewsburyYouth U16 BoysBen TulettBen HealyLewis Askey
2016ShrewsburyYouth U14 BoysEmile AlexanderFreddy BirchillAlec Gregory
2016ShrewsburyYouth U16 GirlsMegan JamesPoppy WildmanElspeth Grace
2016ShrewsburyYouth U14 GirlsAva Oxley-SzilagyiMaddie WadsworthEluned King
2016ShrewsburyVet 40+ MenRob JebbIan TaylorJames Bryan
2016ShrewsburyVet 45+ MenNick CraigDarren AtkinsAndrew Peace
2016ShrewsburyVet 50+ MenTim GouldChris YoungGrant Johnson
2016ShrewsburyVet 55+ MenSteven DaviesMick DaviesKirby Bennett
2016ShrewsburyVet 60+ MenDave McMullenJohn GalwayAndrew Roberts
2016ShrewsburyVet 65+ MenVic BarnettPeter MooneyBarrie Mitchell
2016ShrewsburyVet 40+ WomenAlison KinlochMartine VerweiiPepe Phillips
2016ShrewsburyVet 45+ WomenMaddi SmithHelen PattinsonKaren Summers
2016ShrewsburyVet 50+ WomenNicola DaviesTracey FletcherElizabeth Clayton
2015AbergavennySenior MenIan FieldLiam KilleenLewis Craven
2015AbergavennyU23 MenGrant FergusonJack ClarksonBen Summer
2015AbergavennyJunior MenThomas CraigAlfie MosesMark McGuire
2015AbergavennySenior WomenHelen WymanNikki HarrisAnnie Last
2015AbergavennyJunior WomenAmira MellorEvie RichardsFfion James
2015AbergavennyYouth U16 BoysDaniel TulettThomas PidcockHarry Yates
2015AbergavennyYouth U14 BoysLewis AskeyJenson YoungCharlie Craig
2015AbergavennyYouth U16 GirlsSophie ThackrayMadeleine GammonsRhianna Stoves
2015AbergavennyYouth U14 GirlsPoppy WildmanHarriet HarndenMaddie Wadsworth
2015AbergavennyVet 40+ MenIan TaylorDan AlexanderCarl Sturgeon
2015AbergavennyVet 45+ MenNick CraigDarren AtkinsTim Davies
2015AbergavennyVet 50+ MenTim GouldChris YoungPhilip Roach
2015AbergavennyVet 55+ MenMick DaviesDouglas FoxRobin Delve
2015AbergavennyVet 60+ MenDave McMullenDavid SmithAndrew Roberts
2015AbergavennyVet 65+ MenVic BarnettPhilip CooperPeter Mooney
2015AbergavennyVet 70+ MenJohn GinleyStuart Walters-
2015AbergavennyVet 40+ WomenHelen PattersonAlison KinlochRuth Gamwell
2015AbergavennyVet 45+ WomenIsla RowntreeMadeline SmithMarie Jackson
2015AbergavennyVet 50+ WomenTracy FletcherElizabeth ClaytonJanet Marsden
2015AbergavennyVet 55+ WomenLydia GouldHilary BloorHilary Johnson
2014DerbySenior MenIan FieldDave FletcherNick Craig
2014DerbyU23 MenGrant FergusonKenta GallagherBen Sumner
2014DerbyJunior MenThomas CraigDylan Kerfoot-RobsonJack Ravenscroft
2014DerbySenior WomenHelen WymanNikki HarrisFfion James
2014DerbyJunior WomenFfion JamesAbby-Mae ParkinsonAmira Mellor
2014DerbyYouth U16 BoysDaniel TulettJoshua WatersAlfie Moses
2014DerbyYouth U14 BoysEuan CameronLewis AskeyAlistair Leivers
2014DerbyYouth U16 GirlsCharlotte BroughtonIsabelle BoonJessica Roberts
2014DerbyYouth U14 GirlsMegan JamesLucy HorrocksEllie Russell
2014DerbyVet 40+ MenNick CraigIan TaylorJames Bryan
2014DerbyVet 45+ MenAndrew PeacePete MiddletonChris Young
2014DerbyVet 50+ MenPhillip RoachStephen DaviesMick Davies
2014DerbyVet 55+ MenPeter HarrisRobin DelveDouglas Fox
2014DerbyVet 60+ MenDave McMullenCliff FeatherstoneGraham Edwards
2014DerbyVet 65+ MenVic BarnettMichael WebbPhilip Cooper
2014DerbyVet 70+ MenJohn GinleyStuart Walters-
2014DerbyVet 40+ WomenClaire SmithAnn MurrayKaren Summers
2014DerbyVet 45+ WomenTracey FletcherMarie JacksonJuliette Horrocks
2014DerbyVet 50+ WomenElizabeth ClaytonHilary JohnsonHilary Bloor
2013BradfordSenior MenIan FieldIan BibbyDavid Fletcher
2013BradfordU23 MenGrant FergusonSteven JamesBen Sumner
2013BradfordJunior MenBilly HardingJack RavenscroftHarry Franklin
2013BradfordSenior WomenNikki HarrisHelen WymanAnnie Last
2013BradfordJunior WomenAlice BarnesEmily BarnesLucy Grant
2013BradfordYouth U16 BoysThomas CraigTomas FranklinWilliam Gascoyne
2013BradfordYouth U14 BoysHarry YatesTomos NeshamMark Donovan
2013BradfordYouth U16 GirlsAbby-Mae ParkinsonAbigail vanGrace Garner
2013BradfordYouth U14 GirlsJessica RobertsLucy HorrocksConnie Hurton
2013BradfordVet 40+ MenNick CraigDarren AtkinsMichael Simpson
2013BradfordVet 45+ MenPete MiddletonNoel CloughSteve Knight
2013BradfordVet 50+ MenSteven DaviesMick BellMick Davies
2013BradfordVet 55+ MenPeter HarrisRoy HuntMalcolm Cross
2013BradfordVet 60+ MenDave McMullenPeter MooneyJohn Carr
2013BradfordVet 65+ MenVic BarnettDavid MillerBarrie Mitchell
2013BradfordVet 70+ MenJohn GinleyStuart WaltersMick Ives
2013BradfordVet 40+ WomenLouise RobinsonMarie JacksonLynn Bland
2012IpswichSenior MenIan FieldLiam KilleenJody Crawforth
2012IpswichU23 MenSteven JamesKenta GallagherGrant Ferguson
2012IpswichJunior MenHugo RobinsonAlex WelburnJoseph Moses
2012IpswichSenior WomenHelen WymanNikki HarrisAnnie Last
2012IpswichJunior WomenHannah PaytonBethany CrumptonRebecca Preece
2012IpswichYouth U16 BoysJack RavenscroftJames ShawBilly Harding
2012IpswichYouth U14 BoysDaniel TulettDavid BarnesWilliam Gascoyne
2012IpswichYouth U16 GirlsAbby-Mae ParkinsonGrace GarnerJessica Wilkinson
2012IpswichYouth U14 GirlsCharlotte BroughtonSophie CapewellJessica Roberts
2012IpswichVet 40+ MenJames BryanDarren AtkinsNoel Clough
2012IpswichVet 45+ MenChris YoungPhilip RoachKeith Sheridan
2012IpswichVet 50+ MenMick BellSteven DaviesMick Davies
2012IpswichVet 55+ MenBarry KiplingAndrew RobertsDouglas Fox
2012IpswichVet 60+ MenDave McMullenPaul DalyPhilip Cooper
2012IpswichVet 65+ MenVic BarnettJohn GinleyMick Ives
2012IpswichVet 40+ WomenLouise RobinsonIsla RowntreeHelen MacGregor
2011DerbySenior MenPaul OldhamJody CrawforthLiam Killeen
2011DerbyU23 MenLuke GrayDavid FletcherBilly Jo Whenman
2011DerbyJunior MenHugo RobinsonGrant FergusonLuke Grivell-Mellor
2011DerbySenior WomenHelen WymanNikki HarrisGabby Day
2011DerbyJunior WomenHannah PaytonBethany CrumptonCorrine Hall
2011DerbyYouth U16 BoysHarry FranklinBilly HardingJake Womersley
2011DerbyYouth U14 BoysJoseph FryJake PooleDavid Barnes
2011DerbyYouth U16 GirlsEmily BarnesKeira McVittyEmily Nelson
2011DerbyYouth U14 GirlsCharlotte BroughtonGrace GarnerSarah Lomas
2011DerbyVet 40+ MenNick CraigDarren AtkinsGary Lingard
2011DerbyVet 45+ MenChris YoungPhilip RoachAntony Green
2011DerbyVet 50+ MenSteve DaviesIan WrightPeter Harris
2011DerbyVet 55+ MenDave McMullenRoy HuntCliff Featherstone
2011DerbyVet 60+ MenAlan DayPhillip CooperPeter Mooney
2011DerbyVet 65+ MenVic BarnettJohn GinleyDavid Miller
2011DerbyVet 40+ WomenIsla RowntreeClair SmithLynn Bland
2011DerbyVet 50+ WomenHilary Johnson--
2010Sutton ColdfieldSenior MenIan BibbyJody CrawforthPaul Oldham
2010Sutton ColdfieldU23 MenJamie HarrisStephen AdamsDavid Nichols
2010Sutton ColdfieldJunior MenLuke GrayThomas MosesKenta Gallagher
2010Sutton ColdfieldSenior WomenHelen WymanNikki HarrisGabriella Day
2010Sutton ColdfieldJunior WomenHannah BarnesLauren CreamerPenny Rowson
2010Sutton ColdfieldYouth U16 BoysHugo RobinsonSamuel LoweEdward McParland
2010Sutton ColdfieldYouth U14 BoysBilly HardingJames ShawJack Ravenscroft
2010Sutton ColdfieldYouth U16 GirlsLucy GarnerHannah PatonBethany Crumpton
2010Sutton ColdfieldYouth U14 GirlsKimberley EnglishEmily NelsonLucy Grant
2010Sutton ColdfieldVet 40+ MenNick CraigDarren AtkinsMatthew Denby
2010Sutton ColdfieldVet 45+ MenChris YoungPhilip RoachSteve Barron
2010Sutton ColdfieldVet 50+ MenIan WrightMartin EadonPeter Wilkin
2010Sutton ColdfieldVet 55+ MenRoy HuntDave McMullenCliff Featherstone
2010Sutton ColdfieldVet 60+ MenVic BarnettPhilip CooperPeter Mooney
2010Sutton ColdfieldVet 65+ MenJohn GinleyMichael ParkinsStuart Walters
2010Sutton ColdfieldVet 70+ MenMick Ives--
2010Sutton ColdfieldVet 40+ WomenIsla RowntreeNicky HughesElizabeth Clayton
2010Sutton ColdfieldVet 50+ WomenLouise DayCarolyn Speirs
2009Sutton ColdfieldSenior MenJody CrawforthPaul OldhamRoger Hammond
2009Sutton ColdfieldU23 MenDavid FletcherJonathan McEvoyStephen Adams
2009Sutton ColdfieldJunior MenThomas MosesSam HarrisonDaniel McLay
2009Sutton ColdfieldSenior WomenHelen WymanGabriella DaySuzanne Clarke
2009Sutton ColdfieldJunior WomenRuby MillerCorrine HallPenny Rowson
2009Sutton ColdfieldYouth U16 BoysJoshua PapworthSamuel LoweHugo Humphreys
2009Sutton ColdfieldYouth U14 BoysJoe KirkhamKieron TennysonJake Womersley
2009Sutton ColdfieldYouth U16 GirlsLucy GarnerBethany CrumptonHannah Shenton
2009Sutton ColdfieldYouth U14 GirlsZoe ArmstrongAlice BarnesEmily Barnes
2009Sutton ColdfieldVet 40+ MenNoel CloughChris YoungGeoff Giddings
2009Sutton ColdfieldVet 45+ MenPhilip RoachDavid StevensGary Allan
2009Sutton ColdfieldVet 50+ MenIan WrightAndrew RobertsBarry Kipling
2009Sutton ColdfieldVet 55+ MenDavid SmithJoseph RoweCliff Featherstone
2009Sutton ColdfieldVet 60+ MenVic BarnettJeff StandleyBarrie Mitchell
2009Sutton ColdfieldVet 65+ MenJohn GinleyMick IvesGraham Clements
2009Sutton ColdfieldVet 70+ MenJohn DowellIan SmallHarry Gould
2009Sutton ColdfieldVet 40+ WomenLouise DayElizabeth ClaytonKatherine Mason
2008Sutton ColdfieldSenior MenRoger HammondLiam KilleenPaul Oldham
2008Sutton ColdfieldU23 MenIan BibbyIan FieldDavid Fletcher
2008Sutton ColdfieldJunior MenAlex PatonAndrew WilliamsHamish Creber
2008Sutton ColdfieldSenior WomenHelen WymanGabby DayIsla Rowntree
2008Sutton ColdfieldJunior WomenAnnie LastCorinne HallRebecca Thompson
2008Sutton ColdfieldYouth U16 BoysLuke GraySam HarrisonThomas Moses
2008Sutton ColdfieldYouth U16 GirlsRuby MillerLucy GarnerHannah Shenton
2008Sutton ColdfieldVet 40+ MenSteve KnightGeoff GiddingsChris Young
2008Sutton ColdfieldVet 45+ MenSteve BarronPhilip RoachNigel Hay
2008Sutton ColdfieldVet 50+ MenRoy HuntPeter HarrisPeter Smith
2008Sutton ColdfieldVet 55+ MenJoseph RoweJeff StandleyPeter Mooney
2008Sutton ColdfieldVet 60+ MenVic BarnettBarrie MitchellGreg Rowson
2008Sutton ColdfieldVet 65+ MenJohn GinleyMick IvesGraham Clements
2008Sutton ColdfieldVet 70+ MenJohn DowellIan SmallJohn Griffin
2008Sutton ColdfieldVet 40+ WomenLouise DayLynn BlandNicky Hughes
2007SouthamptonSenior MenPhil DixonNick CraigRob Jebb
2007SouthamptonU23 MenIan BibbyIan FieldRoss Creber
2007SouthamptonJunior MenAlex PatonScott ThwaitesJonathan McEvoy
2007SouthamptonSenior WomenHelen WymanGabby DayIsla Rowntree
2007SouthamptonJunior WomenAmy ThompsonJessica RobertsAnnie Last
2007SouthamptonYouth U16 BoysMichael ButlerJordan HookWilliam Verney
2007SouthamptonYouth U14 BoysMax SykesJoshua PapworthSamuel Lowe
2007SouthamptonYouth U16 GirlsRebecca ThompsonCorrine HallRebecca James
2007SouthamptonVet 40+ MenChris YoungGeoff GiddingsAdrian Timmis
2007SouthamptonVet 45+ MenDave StevensIan WrightMick Bell
2007SouthamptonVet 50+ MenRoy HuntBarry KiplingMartin Booth
2007SouthamptonVet 55+ MenJeff StandleyFrancis McGheePete Mooney
2007SouthamptonVet 60+ MenVic BarnettDavid LloydJohn Ginley
2007SouthamptonVet 65+ MenMick IvesMick Curtis-
2007SouthamptonVet 70+ MenJohn DowellIan Small-
2007SouthamptonVet 40+ WomenLouise DayLynn BlandCarolyn Wright
2006Sutton ColdfieldSenior MenRoger HammondLiam KilleenJody Crawforth
2006Sutton ColdfieldU23 MenSteven RoachMark ThwaitesIan Legg
2006Sutton ColdfieldJunior MenDavid FletcherStephen AdamsTom Last
2006Sutton ColdfieldSenior WomenHelen WymanLouise RobinsonVictoria Wilkinson
2006Sutton ColdfieldJunior WomenAmy Thompson--
2006Sutton ColdfieldYouth U16 BoysAlex PatonScott ThwaitesBen Roach
2006Sutton ColdfieldYouth U16 GirlsRebecca ThompsonAnnie LastDanielle King
2006Sutton ColdfieldVet 40+ MenAdrian TimmisChris YoungIan Wright
2006Sutton ColdfieldVet 45+ MenIan WrightMick RowsonMartin Eadon
2006Sutton ColdfieldVet 50+ MenRoy HuntJohn GalwayCliff Featherstone
2006Sutton ColdfieldVet 55+ MenJeff StandleyPete MooneyBarrie Mitchell
2006Sutton ColdfieldVet 60+ MenVic BarnettJohn GinleyTerry Taylor
2006Sutton ColdfieldVet 65+ MenMick IvesGraham ClementsJohn Dowell
2006Sutton ColdfieldVet 40+ WomenLouise RobinsonLouise DayLynn Bland
2005Sutton ColdfieldSenior MenNick CraigLiam KilleenMatt Ellis
2005Sutton ColdfieldU23 MenPhil SpencerIan FieldRoss Adams
2005Sutton ColdfieldJunior MenAlex AtkinsPaul CoxTom Last
2005Sutton ColdfieldSenior WomenLouise RobinsonVictoria WilkinsonHelen Wyman
2005Sutton ColdfieldYouth U16 BoysJonathan McEvoyTom SmartScott Thwaites
2005Sutton ColdfieldYouth U16 GirlsAmy ThompsonAnnie SimpsonHelen Clayton
2005Sutton ColdfieldVet 40+ MenAdrian TimmisAndy KeyChris Young
2005Sutton ColdfieldVet 50+ MenRoy HuntJeff StandleyDave Smith
2005Sutton ColdfieldVet 55+ MenJeff Standley--
2005Sutton ColdfieldVet 60+ MenJohn Ginley--
2005Sutton ColdfieldVet 65+ MenMick Ives--
2004Sutton ColdfieldSenior MenRoger HammondNick CarigJody Crawforth
2004Sutton ColdfieldU23 MenLiam KilleenSimon RichardsonChris Skinner
2004Sutton ColdfieldJunior MenIan BibbyAlex AtkinsIan Legg
2004Sutton ColdfieldSenior WomenLouise RobinsonVictoria WilkinsonRachel Heal
2004Sutton ColdfieldYouth U16 BoysAdam TurnerDarren TiffenTom Last
2004Sutton ColdfieldYouth U16 GirlsAmy ThompsonJenny MiddlehurstAnnie Last
2004Sutton ColdfieldVet 40+ MenAndy KeyNigel HayDavid Stevens
2004Sutton ColdfieldVet 50+ MenCliff FeatherstoneDavid SmithCarl McDonagh
2004Sutton ColdfieldVet 55+ MenJeff StandleyVic BarnettBarrie Mitchell
2004Sutton ColdfieldVet 60+ MenMick Ives--
2003Sutton ColdfieldSenior MenRoger HammondMatt EllisBarrie Clarke
2003Sutton ColdfieldU23 MenShaun SnoddenLiam KilleenSteven Roach
2003Sutton ColdfieldJunior MenIan BibbyAlex AtkinsBen Crawforth
2003Sutton ColdfieldSenior WomenIsla RowntreeVictoria WilkinsonNikki Harris
2003Sutton ColdfieldYouth U16 BoysAlex AtkinsIan StannardWilliam Thompson
2003Sutton ColdfieldYouth U16 GirlsAmy ThompsonAbbie ThorringtonKimberley Blythe
2003Sutton ColdfieldVet 40+ MenMartin EadonMick RowsonNigel Hay
2003Sutton ColdfieldVet 50+ MenLes LloydMick IvesVic Barnett
2002IpswichSenior MenRoger HammondMatt EllisNick Craig
2002IpswichU23 MenPhil DixonLiam KilleenDaniel Booth
2002IpswichJunior MenSteven RoachSammy CottonCraig Cooke
2002IpswichSenior WomenIsla RowntreeVictoria WilkinsonSusan Carter
2002IpswichYouth U16 BoysSammy CottonIan LeggIan Stannard
2002IpswichYouth U16 GirlsNikki HarrisAmy ThompsonAmy Hunt
2002IpswichVet 40+ MenPeter StevensonMike BellMartin Booth
2002IpswichVet 50+ MenLes LloydJohn ScholesVic Barnett
2001Sutton ColdfieldSenior MenRoger HammondSteve KnightMatt Ellis
2001Sutton ColdfieldU23 MenLiam KilleenTim MorleyShaun Snodden
2001Sutton ColdfieldJunior MenPhil SpencerJordan AveyardCraig Cooke
2001Sutton ColdfieldSenior WomenNicole CookeLouise RobinsonSue Thomas
2001Sutton ColdfieldYouth U16 BoysSammy CottonBen CrawforthEd Perry
2001Sutton ColdfieldYouth U16 GirlsNikki HarrisAmy HuntAbbie Thorrington
2001Sutton ColdfieldVet 40+ MenMartin BoothPaul GilbertNick Kinsey
2001Sutton ColdfieldVet 50+ MenChris GoochJohn AtkinsVic Barnett
2000IpswichSenior MenRoger HammondBarrie ClarkeKarl Sturgeon
2000IpswichU23 MenDaniel BoothPhil DixonTim Morley
2000IpswichJunior MenLiam KilleenMatthew KiplingPhil Spencer
2000IpswichSenior WomenLouise RobinsonNicole CookeSusan Carter
2000IpswichYouth U16 BoysLee AllenRobert SpraggMichael Jolley
2000IpswichYouth U16 GirlsNikki HarrisAmy Hunt-
2000IpswichVet 40+ MenPeter StevensonMartin EadonAndrew MacDonald
2000IpswichVet 50+ MenVic BarnettMick IvesChris Gooch
1999Sutton ColdfieldSenior MenSteve KnightNick CraigBarrie Clarke
1999Sutton ColdfieldU23 MenDavid BowaterPaul OldhamGavin Hardwicke
1999Sutton ColdfieldJunior MenShaun SnoddenBen SaundersPaul Lally
1999WolverhamptonSenior WomenIsla RowntreeLouise RobinsonLindsey Clarke
1999WolverhamptonYouth U16 BoysPhil SpencerChris SkinnerRobert Upex
1999WolverhamptonYouth U16 GirlsNicole CookeHazel WakefieldLorna Webb
1999WolverhamptonVet 40+ MenMartin BoothLes LloydMick Daley
1998Sutton ColdfieldSenior MenNick CraigBarrie ClarkeSteve Knight
1998Sutton ColdfieldU23 MenJames TaylorBrian CurtisDaniel Bell
1998Sutton ColdfieldJunior MenTim MorleyDaniel BoothOliver Cox
1998Sutton ColdfieldSenior WomenCaroline AlexanderLouise RobinsonIsla Rowntree
1998DurhamYouth U16 BoysRichard BowaterTom FowlerNathan Haman
1998DurhamYouth U16 GirlsNicole CookeHazel WakefieldKimberley Walsh
1998DurhamVet 40+ MenMartin BoothRoy HuntCliff Featherstone
1997Sutton ColdfieldSenior MenBarrie ClarkeSteve KnightRoger Hammond
1997Sutton ColdfieldU23 MenJames TaylorBrian CurtisGavin Hardwicke
1997Sutton ColdfieldJunior MenJames PerryTim MorleyDaniel Booth
1997Sutton ColdfieldSenior WomenCaroline AlexanderIsla RowntreeLouise Robinson
1997ChesterfieldYouth U16 BoysMark ProudmanShaun SnoddenPeter Middlehurst
1997ChesterfieldYouth U16 GirlsNicole CookeKaty MiddlehurstHazel Wakefield
1997ChesterfieldVet 40+ MenCliff FeatherstoneMartin BoothBob Wood-Anderson
1996Sutton ColdfieldSenior MenNick CraigBarrie ClarkeRoger Hammond
1996Sutton ColdfieldU23 MenRoger HammondMatthew GuyJames Taylor
1996Sutton ColdfieldJunior MenDanny ConnollyJack LambethJames Allaway
1996Sutton ColdfieldSenior WomenCaroline AlexanderDeb MurrellIsla Rowntree
1996SwanseaYouth U16 BoysRussell TaylorDaniel BoothMatthew Robinson
1996SwanseaYouth U16 GirlsClare GrossNicole CookeKaty Middlehurst
1996SwanseaVet 40+ MenCliff FeatherstoneAndrew RussellSteve Bennett
1995Sutton ColdfieldProfessional MenBarrie ClarkeSteve DouceNick Craig
1995Sutton ColdfieldOpen MenBarrie ClarkeSteve DouceNick Craig
1995Sutton ColdfieldAmateur MenJames NorfolkMatthew GuyRoger Hammond
1995Sutton ColdfieldJunior MenGavin HardwickeJack LambethDanny Connolly
1995Sutton ColdfieldSenior WomenCaroline AlexanderLouise RobinsonIsla Rowntree
1995NottinghamYouth U16 BoysRussell TaylorTim IrelandLloyd Tommony
1995NottinghamYouth U16 GirlsClare GrossClare BishopHannah McCuaig
1995NottinghamVet 40+ MenLes LloydRoy HuntAndrew Russell
1994SouthamptonProfessional MenNick CraigSteve DouceBarrie Clarke
1994SouthamptonOpen MenRoger HammondNick CraigSteve Douce
1994SouthamptonAmateur MenRoger HammondStuart BluntMatthew Guy
1994SouthamptonJunior MenBrian CurtisJames TaylorRichard Allaway
1994SouthamptonSenior WomenCaroline AlexanderSally HibberdIsla Rowntree
1994WakefieldYouth U16 BoysJames AllawayMark LloydDanny Connolly
1994OxfordVet 40+ MenLes LloydDave LloydIan Jewell
1993WolverhamptonProfessional MenSteve DouceDavid BakerChris Young
1993WolverhamptonOpen MenSteve DouceDavid BakerPeter Stevenson
1993WolverhamptonAmateur MenPeter StevensonRoger HammondGary Foord
1993WolverhamptonJunior MenMatthew GuyRobert ThackrayAndrew Siers
1993VerwoodYouth U16 BoysTom CreweGavin GledhillPhil Neale
1993LancingVet 40+ MenLes LloydIan JewellDave Lloyd
1992HarlowProfessional MenDavid BakerTim GouldChris Young
1992HarlowAmateur MenPeter StevensonJake ElliottStuart Marshall
1992HarlowJunior MenRoger HammondMatthew GuyRichard Bruce
1992WiganYouth U16 BoysMatthew JaunceySteven CookeKevin Duckworth
1992St. HelensVet 40+ MenLance RavenhillStuart TowersIan Jewell
1991HarlowOpen MenChris YoungSteve DouceDavid Baker
1991HarlowJunior MenRoger HammondRichard ThackrayStuart Blunt
1991NorthallertonYouth U16 BoysRobert ThackrayBrian CurtisDarryl Gooch
1991CroydonVet 40+ MenIan JewellPaul BennettLance Ravenhill
1990Sutton ColdfieldOpen MenDavid BakerSteve BarnesSteve Douce
1990Sutton ColdfieldJunior MenRoger HammondRichard ThackrayChris Perry
1990SouthamptonYouth U16 BoysRoger HammondLee MoseleyEdward Holland
1990BirminghamVet 40+ MenLance RavenhillMike BradburyIan Jewell
1989Sutton ColdfieldOpen MenSteve DouceBarrie ClarkeTim Gould
1989Sutton ColdfieldJunior MenLee FerredayJohn PembertonRoger Hammond
1989BargoedYouth U16 BoysRoger HammondRichard ThackrayMark Rushby
1989BedaleVet 40+ MenMick IvesLance RavenhillStuart Johnson
1988Sutton ColdfieldOpen MenSteve DouceTim GouldChris Young
1988Sutton ColdfieldJunior MenIan WrightLee FerredayMark Bolt
1988EaswoodYouth U16 BoysChris PerryJason ShackletonJohn Pemberton
1988SouthamptonVet 40+ MenMike BradburyLance RavenhillMick Ives
1987Sutton ColdfieldOpen MenSteve DouceDavid BakerTim Gould
1987Sutton ColdfieldJunior MenIan WrightNick CraigMartin Maskell
1987CoalvilleYouth U16 BoysPhil HinchcliffeRobert MavinAndy Oldham
1987Alexandra PalaceVet 40+ MenMick IvesBarry DaviesLance Ravenhill
1986Sutton ColdfieldOpen MenSteve DouceChris YoungDavid Baker
1986Sutton ColdfieldJunior MenSteve NobleNick CraigMartin Maskell
1986StockportYouth U16 BoysSimeon HempsallIan WrightGareth Gimson
1986SheffieldVet 40+ MenMick IvesIan JewellLance Ravenhill
1985Sutton ColdfieldOpen MenSteve DouceChris YoungSteve Barnes
1985Sutton ColdfieldJunior MenPaul DixonStuart MarshallMichael Bradley
1985LincolnYouth U16 BoysNick CraigIan WrightSimeon Hempsall
1985CoalvilleVet 40+ MenMick IvesLance RavenhillIan Jewell
1984Sutton ColdfieldOpen MenChris YoungSteve DouceSteve Barnes
1984Sutton ColdfieldJunior MenPaul DixonRobert DaneMichael Bradley
1984BournemouthYouth U16 BoysSteve NobleGuy PearsonDavid Warner
1984GreenwichVet 40+ MenGraham BuftonMick IvesIan Small
1983Sutton ColdfieldOpen MenSteve DouceChris WreghittChris Young
1983BingleyJunior MenDavid BakerMark RigbyStuart Marshall
1983ColchesterYouth U16 BoysStuart MarshallDean BoothNick Bradwell
1983KnaresboroughVet 40+ MenMick IvesGraham BuftonSteve Burton
1982Sutton ColdfieldOpen MenChris WreghittPaul WatsonMartin Springer
1982WolverhamptonJunior MenMick HammondChris YoungSteve Barnes
1982Sutton ColdfieldYouth U16 BoysNick NobleMark CottrellDavid Baker
1982BagintonVet 40+ MenMick IvesGraham BuftonIan Small
1981Sutton ColdfieldSenior MenChris WreghittChris LedgerEric Stone
1981NorthallertonJunior MenSteve DouceMark NobleChris Young
1981LeylandYouth U16 BoysJohn TonksMike GilbyRichard Hodges
1981MildenhallVet 40+ MenHarry BondJohn RawnsleyMick Ives
1980Sutton ColdfieldSenior MenChris WreghittEric StonePeter Brookes
1980EastwayJunior MenPaul WatsonSteve DouceChris Ledger
1980PooleYouth U16 BoysSteve LewisDavid HobsonJohn Tonks
1980BingleyVet 40+ MenRoger PageHarry BondAlan Winters
1979Sutton ColdfieldOpen MenChris WreghittPhil AllisonEric Stone
1979HarlowJunior MenChris WhortonMike BellChris Ledger
1979EastwayYouth U16 BoysDavid WoottonSteve DouceBarry Smallworth
1979BagintonVet 40+ MenRoger PageJohn RawnsleyAlan Winters
1978Sutton ColdfieldOpen MenChris WreghittJohn AtkinsEric Stone
1978KenilworthJunior MenChris WhortonTim BroadheadKevin Carr
1978CambridgeYouth U16 BoysAndy PalmerChris LedgerNigel Gilbert
1978LoughboroughVet 40+ MenGraham BuftonMick IvesTom MacDonald
1977Sutton ColdfieldOpen MenJohn AtkinsKeith MernickleIan Jewell
1977PooleJunior MenSteve DaviesMick DaviesSimon Armitage
1977KirkbyYouth U16 BoysKevin CarrDave MillerMike Bell
1977BungayVet 40+ MenGraham BuftonMick IvesBill Radford
1976Sutton ColdfieldProfessional MenKeith MernickleJohn AtkinsChris Dodd
1976Sutton ColdfieldAmateur MenJeff MorrisPhil AllisonTony Lyne
1976NorwichJunior MenSimon HawkesChris WreghittMartin Eadon
1976SouthamptonYouth U16 BoysAndrew SawyerSteven DaviesChris Boyce
1976MalvernVet 40+ MenRoger PageHarry BondMick Ives
1975Sutton ColdfieldProfessional MenJohn AtkinsKeith MernickleBarry Davies
1975Sutton ColdfieldAmateur MenJeff MorrisChris DoddPhil Allison
1975ColchesterJunior MenMartin SpringerMervyn CartwrightPaul Drury
1975CoalvilleYouth U16 BoysMartin EadonRobert EggingtonAndrew Sawyer
1975StockportVet 40+ MenRoger PageMick IvesHarry Bond
1974LiverpoolProfessional MenJohn AtkinsDaryl BrassingtonKeith Mernickle
1974LiverpoolAmateur MenJeff MorrisChris DoddAlan Williams
1974Sutton ColdfieldJunior MenMartin SpringerPeter BrookesPaul Drury
1974GrimsbyYouth U16 BoysChris WreghittGerry TaylorAdrian Longland
1974CannockVet 40+ MenRoger PageJohn RawnsleyMick Florence
1973Sutton ColdfieldProfessional MenJohn AtkinsKeith MernickleEric Stone
1973Sutton ColdfieldAmateur MenChris DoddGraham CollyerRichard Travis
1973Bagshot HeathJunior MenJohn FenwickJohn MetcalfePaul Edwards
1973SheffieldYouth U16 BoysAndrew BagnallPaul DruryMartin Springer
1973WakefieldVet 40+ MenRoger PageJohn RawnsleyJim Blankley
1972LeedsProfessional MenJohn AtkinsDaryl BrassingtonKeith Mernickle
1972LeedsAmateur MenChris DoddRoger PageVic Barnett
1972CleethorpesJunior MenJeff MorrisSteve AtkinsonJohn Metcalfe
1972Sutton ColdfieldYouth U16 BoysPaul EdwardsCharlie JacksonMartin Springer
1972CoventryVet 40+ MenAlan WintersJim BlankleyTony Summerfield
1971Heaton Park, ManchesterProfessional MenJohn AtkinsEric StoneKeith Mernickle
1971Heaton Park, ManchesterAmateur MenDaryl BrassingtonRoger PageChris Dodd
1971WolverhamptonJunior MenJeff MorrisAndrew JonesPhil Allison
1971SouthamptonYouth U16 BoysGeoff WilliamsSteve JolleyNicholas Wood
1971Alexandra PalaceVet 40+ MenTony SummerfieldMick FlorenceJim Blankley
1970Crystal PalaceProfessional MenJohn AtkinsKeith MernickleEric Stone
1970Crystal PalaceAmateur MenOllie NagleDaryl BrassingtonRoger Page
1970WolverhamptonJunior MenPeter WilliamsBarry DixonBrian O'Hare
1970SheffieldYouth U16 BoysPaul WoodPhil ChantRichard Lawrence
1969CoventryProfessional MenJohn AtkinsKeith MernickleMick Ives
1969CoventryAmateur MenBarry MossRoger PageEric Stone
1969HessleJunior MenChris DoddDave GoddardBarry Dixon
1969ChingfordYouth U16 BoysPeter WilliamsEric SmithNeale Jauncey
1968CroydonProfessional MenMick IvesDick GoodmanKeith Mernickle
1968Crystal PalaceAmateur MenJohn AtkinsRoger PageDave Wren
1968DentonJunior MenChris DoddRoger MearPaul Paddock
1968OldburyYouth U16 BoysAlex HookBarry ChurcherDave Goddard
1967FeatherstoneProfessional MenKeith MernickleMick IvesGeorge Halls
1967BirminghamAmateur MenJohn AtkinsDave WrenJohn Barnes
1967FeatherstoneJunior MenPhil NorfolkDavid CartwrightMike Girling
1967WolverhamptonYouth U16 BoysBarrie ElsonBob RussellRay Pinder
1966BirminghamSenior MenJohn AtkinsRoger PageDave Wren
1966CroydonYouth U16 BoysGeoff ShawVic FullardColin Browning
1965LeedsSenior MenMick StallardKeith MernickleHarry Bond
1965BirminghamYouth U16 BoysGeoff ShawMick O'ConnorVic Fullard
1964WolverhamptonSenior MenMick StallardKeith MernickleMick Ives
1963HarlowSenior MenMick StallardJohn AtkinsKeith Mernickle
1962TingleySenior MenJohn AtkinsMike WilkinsonKeith Mernickle
1961ChobhamSenior MenJohn AtkinsMike WilkinsonDavid Briggs
1960Baddesley, AtherstoneSenior MenDavid BriggsDon StoneAlan Winters
1959Barrow Bridge, LancsSenior MenBarry SpenceAlan WintersKen Knapman
1958Bagshot HeathSenior MenDon StoneBarry SpenceBill Radford
1957Brands HatchSenior MenDon StoneAlan JacksonPaddy Hoban
1956HalesowenSenior MenAlan JacksonDon SmithMick Weston
1955Welwyn Garden CitySenior MenAlan JacksonAlan WintersDon Stone
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